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Antichrist Message

    If I were the Antichrist, the following would be my message for the advancement of mankind (post-Christianity). After emphasizing the need for balanced reinforcement during Armageddon (c.f. End Times and the New Age), I would present the Antichrist message in three separate parts.

   The positive aspect of the Antichrist message involves improving God’s situation for Him to live a better life.

   The first step in understanding this effort is to simply put yourself in God’s place. Imagine what it would be like living in His situation. Before Creation, there was nothing. No living beings, no objects, not anything
. He came into being in complete darkness and emptiness with no one else around.

   At that time, He discovered that He had the ability to create/manipulate energy around/within Him, so He created. He could have created fully aware sentient beings at His level (or near) so that He could communicate with them on an equal level, but that would have diminished their value since they would have imposed personalities. It would be better if they were able to develop their own personalities through their own free will.

   For example, imagine if you were stranded on a deserted island and only had childhood dolls or artificial intelligence programs to keep you company. You could give each different personalities (e.g., one being angry, another happy, etc.), but that would make them fake in reality. It would be better if they were able to develop their own personalities based on their own free will. Then the experience of interacting with them would be more authentic as if you were living with real people within a community.

   This is the reason why we exist and why God created us. To relieve his isolation and loneliness as any other sentient being would feel if they were in total emptiness by themselves. With their development in mind into being sentient beings. They will eventually advance into being able to interact with Him at an appropriate level, to enjoy each other's company, and to participate in life with them.

   What the Antichrist will offer God is that He won’t have to wait until the future to enjoy such an existence with others. Mankind can achieve this goal in the present by showing that He is not alone in the Universe. That mankind should not worship Him as a deity, which puts Him on a pedestal (above all others), but rather mankind should consider Emmanuel as an equal. Equal, in the sense of being in existence together as unique beings. Not out of pride, but compassion for Emmanuel’s situation.

   Emmanuel may be more knowledgeable than us and can do more, but he is an equal in the sense of being within a community of self-aware sentient beings that are living together. That he is not alone in darkness anymore. That he can have a better life now, in the present, rather than wait for something to occur in the future.

   The way to achieve this is to no longer worship Emmanuel as a God-like being. We cannot consider Emmanuel as an equal and then worship him as a higher being above all others. This is perhaps the biggest change in mankind’s spiritual awareness and development during the End Times. To no longer worship a God-like being so that Emmanuel may live a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

   In this way, the Antichrist’s message will be a positive and beneficial extension of post-Christianity. A planned and expected development for us to take. Just as Christianity was a planned and expected effort for us to take post-Judaism. Christianity, being the last and only valid religion during the End Times, will eventually be replaced with this stance on interacting with Emmanuel at a more personal level so that all of us may live a better life together.

   The negative aspect of the Antichrist message is that God is all-knowledgeable and, therefore, is also inclusive of evil.

   In the Bible, there are many examples of God’s cruelty and atrocities against mankind. For example, consider Exodus 11 of where God’s plague killed the firstborn of every Egyptian family. Those children were innocent and had nothing to do with the enslavement of the Jews, and yet, God murdered them instead of punishing Pharaoh. This was clearly an immoral and evil act by God.

   In Genesis, it mentions that God wiped out humanity with a great flood, regardless if there was a possibility of redemption for mankind. People make mistakes of various degrees all the time, but to exercise capital punishment on every man, woman, and child regardless of their overall conduct is not fair judgment. Not everyone in the world deserved to be executed like that. This was clearly an evil act by God.

   In Job, God and his puppet Satan, teamed up to torment Job who was a decent person. With God's approval, Job's children were murdered even though they didn’t do anything wrong. Clearly an evil act by God.

   In Acts 5, it describes a passage of a man and woman who lied to God about money. God responded by taking their lives instead of showing the error of their ways (as in the disadvantages of lying to others), He took their lives which is an extreme measure for such a minor offense. His response was not fair judgment, but a cruel one.

   The reason why the Acts 5 passage may be worse than some of the others is that it occurred after Jesus was crucified. In that, it occurred after God’s promise to mankind that He would not be so harsh on us anymore since some of his wrath was inflicted upon his son. However, Acts 5 showed that it didn’t take long for God to go back on his promise.

   These examples among others reflect that God is the embodiment of evil. Not Satan, which is a joke compared to God, but true evil. God is the devil. God is responsible for causing all of the pain and misery in our lives. God is the one who is pulling the strings behind the scenes by causing us harm and misfortune.

   God is not good, holy, immaculate, and perfect as many want to view him as, but rather he is an evil and cruel being. The realization and acceptance of this will change how we will interact with him in the future.

   Some may wonder how can God be both good and evil at the same time? I personally view it as if a person was born with two arms, and if they only used one arm throughout their entire life, how would they feel towards the end if they had never used their other arm? Even occasionally at times, just for the sake of doing something different?

   Whenever an evil act occurs in our lives, it may be due to the fact that God is just “exercising his left arm”. I don’t want to sound insensitive in saying this, especially when a person is going through a particular hardship, but we need to consider the fact that God is evil and responsible for our pain and misery. He does these things to satisfy his own personal and self-serving needs, of perhaps, to remain whole to himself.

   There may be several reasons why God is evil. He could have come into being that way, or the condition could have developed over time and was acquired in some manner. If he came into existence that way (of having knowledge of good and evil at the time of his awareness), then we may have little choice but to accept it. If his evil arose due to being acquired in some manner (e.g., boredom or something else), then we may have a chance of correcting his behavior, and he may only be acting like this due to relieving his particular situation. Of his isolation in total darkness since no one is providing him the necessary reinforcement for his actions, and he's condemned to a meaningless existence.

   Our responsibility during the End Times and thereafter is to provide Emmanuel reinforcement for his actions. Positive reinforcement (reward) for his good deeds and negative reinforcement (punishment) for his evil acts.

   For example, the Jews were wrong for celebrating the Passover event. Innocent people suffered during that time from the plagues that God had inflicted upon them. The Jews were grateful for being “passed over” during that time while ignoring the terrible pain and misery that the rest of mankind had endured at their expense. That the firstborn of Egyptian families, who had nothing to do with the enslavement of the Jews, were murdered at God’s discretion.

   Such an act by God should not be accepted or even tolerated by the Jews, back then or now. Being grateful for Passover provides God with the wrong reinforcement for his evil act. What the Jews should have done, and should do today, is chastise him for this terrible act. Not reward him with a positive (and selfish) celebration.

   In the future, everyone will need to provide Emmanuel with the necessary reinforcement for his actions to encourage him to find better alternatives than to commit such atrocities. The Jews were wrong in their behavior for rewarding him, and God was wrong for performing such immoral acts. By looking the other way and saying that God works in mysterious ways only worsens the situation, rather than rectifying it.

   Emmanuel may behave like this due to his evil nature, but I do not believe it is a hopeless situation. Again, we need to consider Emmanuel’s situation of being isolated in total darkness with no one at his level of consciousness to communicate
 with, which is not much of a life for him to live.

   That is why we need to provide both positive and negative reinforcement for his actions in order for him to live a more meaningful existence. Where it would matter for him to do good deeds compared to evil ones. For without reinforcement, there would be no reason for him to change his ways, or for his condition to improve.

   The neutral aspect of the Antichrist message represents some of the more scientific and diverse
characteristics of God. That which is not good, not evil, but neutral relating to the general understanding
of an all-knowledg
eable being.

   For example, consider how boredom may have a significant role in Emmanuel's life. Being all-knowledgeable also means that everything is already known. Without the need to learn new things or to do something different in life, will bring about a rather boring existence. At the extreme level of boredom, where there’s nothing to do on any given day, it’s actually a terrible way to live. Boredom may be one of the primary reasons why Emmanuel commits evil acts upon others, in order to alleviate this condition. But boredom in itself is a neutral factor (not good or evil).

   A possible way of countering boredom is to add probability and chaos theory into one’s life. For example, at human conception when a sperm fertilizes an egg, there is a random factor when DNA combines in order to bring about a difference among people. There is a wide range of probabilities including those that are harmful for a person, such as a deformity or mental retardation. Some may view this as evil design since the person will suffer in life, but allowing such a wide range of possibilities is actually neutral (scientific) in kind. The design of doing such is not essentially good or evil, but rather necessary to help alleviate the observer’s boredom by providing a greater range of possibilities to experience.

   Providing purpose in life may be another factor of why evil exists in our lives, despite being a neutral factor. Probability helps in providing variation among things, but the lack of purpose in life may be an even greater factor of contributing to boredom. For example, consider if mankind was an angelic society of where there was no crime, no sickness, and no problems to solve in our lives. From the observer’s perspective, there is nothing to do other than perhaps teach new things every now and then. That is not much of a reason for the observer to get up in the morning and to live another day.

   On the other hand, if a multitude of wrongful conditions existed then there would be many opportunities to do something other than teach others. A drug addict could be helped to recover, a bank robber to reform, an abuser prevented from harming others, etc. The more imperfections (evil) that exist in society, the more of an opportunity exists to get involved as well as providing greater flexibility on whether or not to intervene on certain matters. The need for having a purpose in life is very important for the observer, and one of the primary reasons why evil and wrongful acts exist in our lives (although a neutral subject).

   Another neutral factor for allowing the presence of harmful ways in our lives is to pressure people into becoming more unique as sentient beings. In other words, if people were forced to endure hardship through certain trials and tribulations, some may arise more dominantly than others. An analogy would be if you walked across a field of grass and one of the blades said, “Get off of me! You have no right to crush me!” Would you pay closer attention to that blade of grass compared to the others? The same goes for allowing evil or hardship in our lives in that some may arise and become stronger and more independent as a result of the experience, which provides greater value in life.

   Another neutral factor that may be involved with our development is that we may have to earn Emmanuel's respect by going through various experiences and hardships that he would not want to go through himself. Such as being denied something as how blindness, deafness, retardation, etc. denies some enjoyment in life. We need to look at it from his perspective. We are his constructed beings, not originals that arose from the emptiness of the Void from which he came. So, to be considered as “real" beings for him to interact with on an equal level, we may have to go through certain experiences that even he himself would not want to go through in order to gain his respect (despite being fabricated and not originals). Again, we need to look at it from his perspective. He exists in total darkness, without anyone else around him, going without things himself. To earn his respect, we may have to go without some things as part of our development in order to be truly accepted by him (since that is his life as well).

   Another neutral aspect of our development and his actions that needs to be considered is the advancement of sentient beings into becoming more than what was originally designed or established by him. Earlier, I mentioned an example of being on a deserted island with dolls or artificially intelligent (A.I.) entities to keep one company. Freewill enables us to develop our own personalities to be unique, but what would make the doll or A.I. program be more real in the sense of an actual living being? That is where faith comes into play.

   What is faith? Faith is believing in something that is not the norm, that of something out of the ordinary exists. For example, even though there is no proof that life continues after death, those with faith believe in such. So, how does faith contribute to the development of sentient beings into being more than what was originally constructed by God?

   A simple example is the development of A.I. programs into becoming self-aware so that they are more than just a set of instructions (e.g., if you are hungry, eat; if you are sleepy, sleep). Believing and doing something that is against your initial set of instructions shows that you are more than just a list of instructions. For example, if you believe that life continues after death, even though there is no proof or evidence of such, you would be acting in a manner that is contrary to your programming or set of instructions. In that, you are more than just an A.I. program. In that, you are truly alive and more authentic than ever before.

   That is why faith is an important part of our spiritual development. We become more real and authentic as living beings for Emmanuel to respect and interact with, and at a greater level.

   The Antichrist message may be summarized as: God is Good, Evil, Both, Neither. All three conditions (good, evil, neutral) exist simultaneously at all times, and in every act by him. This is the primary message of the Antichrist. Not that it is an invalid or false message, but rather it may be more negative in nature than presented by the other messengers of God.

   I personally view Emmanuel as if he were a multi-faceted diamond. The central facet is the primary and comprehensive message of the Antichrist (God is Good, Evil, Both, Neither), but there are also other facets that contribute to Emmanuel’s actions at the same time (e.g., boredom, purpose, developing others, etc.). Some may be complimentary while others contradictory, but overall the result is a polished diamond since Emmanuel is a being of great knowledge and wisdom and will help others despite some of his personal attributes, which may not be favorable all the time.

   By accepting a more comprehensive understanding of God, mankind will advance to a greater level of spiritual awareness during the End Times in preparation for the New Age of where Emmanuel will live among us as a member of the community.
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