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End Times and the New Age

Eye-For-An-Eye Equality Rule

   The eye-for-an-eye equality rule will receive greater attention during the End Times. As mentioned in my previous post (c.f. Eye-For-An-Eye Justice System), this rule will act as both the primary principle and reconciliation doctrine for people to live by in the future.

   Reconciliation in this manner reflects a concept that is not based upon vengeance, as it is commonly understood, but rather it is representative of a fair and just balancing of life. A fundamental aspect of this is that it serves as the basis of judgment since the rule ensures fair justice for all.
Value of Judgment Day

   The equality rule applies regardless if the reinforcement of our actions is positive (reward) or negative (punishment) since both are necessary for balancing life. It is important to realize that reinforcement does not only make life more meaningful, it grants life its very meaning.

   Consider what life would be like without the proper reinforcement of our actions. It would not matter if we helped or harmed someone since no reward or punishment would be given in return. We would not be able to learn from our mistakes, nor from our good deeds. When extrapolated to the extreme level, the lack of reinforcement would condemn us to a meaningless existence that is devoid of any value.

   This is why reinforcement is essential for life to have meaning. Providing a more meaningful existence for us is the very purpose and value of Judgment Day.

   Forgiveness should be offered for the sake of allowing a person another chance to atone for their sins. However, forgiveness in the sense of being the absolution of sin is invalid since such would violate the eye-for-an-eye equality rule of just reinforcement, and condemn the person to a meaningless life.

   In other words, it doesn't matter if the victim forgives the transgressor, or if the transgressor repents for their sins. Such are irrelevant regarding the balancing of events. In practical terms, it would be better for the victim to forgive (so that he or she may move on in life rather than dwell upon being a victim), and it would be better for the transgressor to repent (so that such mistakes are not repeated), but both are irrelevant towards the actual balance of life’s events.

   This is why Judgment Day will occur for everyone regardless if they are forgiven or repentant of their actions. All events in life must be properly reinforced and balanced according to the equality rule in order for life to have meaning.
Jesus' Crucifixion

   Christians may challenge this view on forgiveness and the absolution of sin that is implied with Jesus’ sacrifice.

   However, their acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice should be questioned since they should feel guilty for trying to personally benefit from his death. For to accept Jesus’ sacrifice as how they understand it, for the sake of personal gain, is one of the most selfish and heinous acts that may be committed by a person.

   Some may respond that even though accepting Jesus’ sacrifice would be irresponsible regarding one’s actions in life, God willed it to take place, so we should accept it as it is. However, agreeing to such an arrangement would be immoral since it fails to consider that Jesus’ crucifixion may actually be a test that mankind had failed miserably.

   For to accept his death, for the sake of one's own gain, they are agreeing to make an innocent person suffer so that they may given a free ticket into heaven. Why do you think that something like this would be acceptable by a normal or civilized person? Or, one of wisdom and faith?

   The typical response will be that the acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice is the only way into the kingdom of heaven. Then imagine what it would be like with you enjoying your comfortable life in heaven, while Jesus is suffering for your sins during Judgment Day. Would you feel proud of yourself then?

   What Jesus did on the cross was only the beginning, there is more to come. That is why Judgment Day is foretold of in the prophecies, that more is necessary in order to balance life. So, people will need to make a decision regarding this issue: have Jesus continue to suffer for what they have done, or become more responsible of one's actions, and accept whatever reward or punishment that is deserving of our ways.

   The crucifixion may have greater implications than people may have thought. For to accept it as it is, of how people currently think of it, would be one of the most irresponsible, immoral, and heinous acts that a person may commit in life.

   It is said that with God all things are possible, including asking for an alternative means of entering the kingdom of heaven that does not require the transference of sin upon an innocent being.

   To those who are willing to change their stance upon the matter, rejecting Jesus’ sacrifice for the sake of accepting responsibility for one’s actions in life, does not invalidate Christianity in any way. Rather, such a decision would clarify one’s faith at a greater level of understanding and dedication to God than ever before, and doing so would reflect the maturity of being a responsible sentient being.
Great Tribulation

   During the End Times, assistance will be given to those who decide to be more responsible for their actions, rather than impose their sins upon Jesus.

   To these people, emphasis would be to adhere to the eye-for-an-eye equality rule as much as possible in order to balance events in their lives. Perhaps, not all of one’s sins may be resolved in this manner due to the complexities of life, but people will need to do as much as possible in accordance with this rule.

   This particular period in which people accept greater responsibility for their sins and attempt to balance life according to the eye-for-an-eye equality rule is what will be known as the great tribulation (Revelation 7:14).

   Some may believe that a rapture-like event may save them from the trials of resolving one’s sins, but I do not see such occurring before the tribulation period. The reason is that since nearly everyone has sinned in life, the tribulation will be necessary for people to show God that they are responsible for their actions. God may offer a rapture-like opportunity to us anyway, and if so, mankind should politely decline with respect to the importance of properly balancing our lives.

   The time of the tribulation period will also be the beginning of Armageddon since people will essentially be fighting and eradicating evil from their lives. Evil will be conquered by following the basic rules of:

         Do onto others as you would want them to do onto you

                 Prevents evil from occurring in a person’s life. This is the reason why Jesus is the
                 Savior, not because he was crucified, but rather that he has given us the guidance
                 on how to prevent and conquer evil in ourselves.

         Balanced reinforcement according to the eye-for-an-eye equality rule

                 Balances events to establish a meaningful existence in life. Has the effect of teaching
                 the transgressor not to repeat mistakes since similar suffering will be returned in kind.
                 Reconciliation should be done until all sins are fully balanced in one’s life.

   Keep in mind that additional effort may be necessary in order to fully eradicate evil in our lives and that Jesus may take over the reconciliation effort at the time of his Second Coming. There is more associated with the End Times than just the resolution of one’s sin, but such events may not occur until after the Antichrist presents his message to the world (c.f. Antichrist Message).
New Age

   Despite some of the negative aspects associated with the Antichrist’s message, it provides positive effects for mankind as well.

   Just as Christianity was the next evolutionary step that God expected us to take beyond Judaism (c.f. Is Judaism a False Religion), the Antichrist’s message will advance our knowledge beyond Christianity, and bring us to a higher level of spiritual awareness. This progression may be necessary before a new heaven and earth may be established between the physical and spiritual realms (Revelation 21:1).

   This advancement will allow God to interact with us in a more personal and direct manner, as noted in the following passage:
                And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying,
               “Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them.
                They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be
                their God.

                He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death
                or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed
                                                                           Revelation 21:3-4

   However, before God may live among mankind in this manner, the proper resolution of our sins may be necessary as was described earlier.

   The reason for this is obvious in that why would anyone prefer to live in a society where people lie, steal, cheat, and kill one another without remorse? It would be as if you had traveled back to prehistoric times, how would you like living with primitive man that behaved in such a manner? The disappointment of living under such conditions would be even more apparent to someone like God, for He cares for both the victim and transgressor, and at a greater level than a human being.

   This is why it may be necessary to resolve our sins and balance the events in our lives before we may progress to the next age. That of God directly and openly interacting with humanity as if He were a member of the community.
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