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Eye-For-An-Eye Justice System


   Incarceration seems to be ineffective towards deterring crime with prisons being overcrowded and many returning to a life of crime. Would an eye-for-an-eye policy be more effective as a punitive measure than the current prison system?
Eye-For-An-Eye (Primary Principle)
   The eye-for-an-eye principle reflects an ideal that is not based upon vengeance but rather represents a fair and just balancing of life through the proper reinforcement of one's actions. Jesus may have referred to this when he said:
                         So in everything, do to others what you would have them
                              do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.
                                                                                         Matthew 7:12

   The eye-for-an-eye principle should be used as a guide for proper and adequate justice. For example, people should not steal from others unless they want to be stolen from, or strike anyone unless they want to be stricken in return. It is a simple principle to live by, and by doing so, helps deter a person from committing an act of crime.
Eye-For-An-Eye (Balanced Reconciliation)

   For rectifying criminal acts, instead of incarceration which has shown to be ineffective, perhaps a better means of addressing the situation would be for the transgressor to undergo the same experiences as the victim.

   For example, if a person stole a bicycle then that person not only has to return the item to the original
owner, but also give the victim something equivalent in return. If a person stabs someone then that person should be stabbed in similar manner by the authorities.

By returning similar action, the transgressor will learn that nothing will be gained through the criminal act and will directly experience what it is like to be victim of the crime. To imply greater or lesser reinforcement than the act itself would be an unfair and unjust handling of the situation. Incarceration should only be utilized if an eye-for-an-eye equivalent measure is not possible or does not fully balance the situation.

   The eye-for-an-eye equality rule will help people put things in perspective and all will know beforehand what would happen to them if they carried out an illegal act. The policy would greatly improve the handling of justice with the proper balance of life in consideration rather than just employing incarceration, which is insufficient by itself, and why many transgressors repeat their offensives.
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