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Is Hinduism A False Religion?

   In ancient times, Hinduism was formed by primitive tribal elders who through storytelling, provided special status for themselves within their culture. Their stories of fanciful tales involving higher beings was based on nothing more than their wild imaginations, and such may be revealed with a simple analysis of their doctrine.
Unworthy Deities

   The Hindu deities may not necessarily be the wise and enlightened beings that deserve to be worshipped, but rather their conduct may be shown to be immoral and not any different than an ordinary person's. An example of this is the story of their main deity Shiva and how he gave his son Ganesha his distinctive head.

   The story goes as follows. Shiva returned home one day to find a stranger who had prevented him from entering his own residence. Shiva became angry at this indiscretion and in a fit of anger, cut off the outsider’s head. After doing this, Shiva realized that the person that he had just decapitated was his own son Ganesha, so he replaced the missing head with the first one that he saw nearby, an elephant's.

   This tale describes the strange behavior of the highest and most respected deity in Hinduism, but does this example of the great and wise Shiva set forth the standard that humans should live by?

   Let anger consume our thoughts. Pass judgment without knowing all the facts. Be impatient. Show violence towards others regardless of their deeds. Ignore the consequences of our actions. Do these really sound like wise principles to live by? If this was the behavior of the great and all-knowing Shiva, the principal deity in Hinduism, then how worthwhile is his advice of providing guidance for mankind?

   This example is just one among others that show that the Hindu deities are flawed beings that don't deserve our respect or worship. These so-called "enlightened beings" act no better and, in many cases, much worse than an ordinary human being. They fail to provide a meaningful example for people to live by, so they should not be considered to be highly evolved or worshipped in any sense.

   In truth, Hinduism is nothing more than the compilation of the wild imaginations of primitive elders that dreamed up such stories in order to improve their social standing. They are not divinely inspired at all.
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