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Hunger Relief


   Hunger and homelessness is a serious problem in this country, despite America being one of the richest nations in the world.
   A simple way to solve this problem is if every worker donated $1/week to a hunger relief fund. The weekly total would then be transferred to a given city for addressing their hunger and homelessness situation.

   In America, that would result in approximately $150 million being distributed every week to a different city. Larger cities may receive several weeks' worth of aid so a major city like New York may receive 10 weeks or $1.5 billion to feed the poor. Which leaves 42 weeks' worth of aid remaining (or over $6.3 billion) to distribute to other cities within the first year alone.

   According to the Feeding America charitable organization, a donation of $1 can generate 10 meals. There are approximately 45 million people in America fed by these organizations which means that after a week's worth of funding, the program may feed the hungry in America for about a month.

 12 weeks, the program will have enough funds to feed our nation's needs for an entire year.
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