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Is Islam A False Religion?


   If Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, was shown to have an ordinary human understanding of matters rather than be divinely inspired, then such evidence would prove that Islam is a false doctrine.

   Polygamy, or the practice of having more than one spouse, may be contrary to God's ways.

   Consider the following
. In the Garden of Eden, did God create one Adam and four Eve's to be together? No, God created one Adam and one Eve, which reflects His intention regarding the matter. If you have more than one spouse then you are not following what God had intended for us.

   Even though Muhammad had a single spouse most of his life, he advised and permitted others to have multiple spouses which is contradictory to God's intent. This shows that Muhammad was wrong about the matter which brings into question of how a legitimate messenger of God can be incorrect about this subject.

   In other words, why would there be a disconnect of this magnitude if Muhammad was truly a messenger of God?
Fear Dominated Behavior

   The harsh treatment of women by Muslims is another topic that should be examined more closely. The doctrine requires women to cover themselves in order to prevent negative thoughts by others, but is this truly the way that God had intended us to live?

   Hiding behind veils is an act that is governed by fear, in that a person fears that they will give into temptation. Does God really want us to fear temptation and have it govern our lives in this manner?
   If that was true then what about other situations like the fear of succumbing to greed at the sight of money? When a Muslim pays for something at a store, should they close their eyes and hold out their wallet for the clerk to take their money? In that, a person cannot even look at money due to being too fearful of it and giving into temptation. In that, they will become greedy at the very sight of it.

   What about being fearful of the presentation of religious images and symbols (e.g., Danish cartoon depiction of Muhammad that caused distress among Muslims)? If a particular characterization of a religious figure or image is offensive to God, then God will be the one to exact punishment. Not us. I would think that Muslims should have prayed for the forgiveness of others regarding their misunderstanding of such things, not their deaths.

   It seems that an underlying factor on all of this is fear. I can understand why the devil would want people to feel that they are too weak or lack the self-control to resist temptation, but this is not God’s way. Shouldn't we trust in God in that He wouldn't let temptation be too great for us to handle? Not to be fearful of it. Not to allow it to govern our lives.

   If a Muslim wishes to live in such a manner then they are doing so by their own decision, for living in this manner is not God’s way. If Islam opposes God in this manner then how is the religion a truthful one, and not a false doctrine?

   Another topic that should be examined is whether martyrdom will be awarded with a number of virgins in heaven.

   Believing that martyrdom will be awarded in such a manner also implies that God will set aside a number of innocent people in heaven and not have them live the life that He had intended for them. Instead, they will be served up as a reward for someone who had taken their own life and killed others in the act of martyrdom.

   Even if we disregard the part about being awarded for taking innocent life, how would you feel if God said to you to hold off on any plans that you may have because you're about to be offered up as a reward for anotherDo you really think that God would do something like this? Of behaving like a flesh peddler? In that, He would award deeds with sexual favor? I have heard God be called many things, but thinking of Him as a pimp is rather quite unique…

   So, let’s take an honest look at all of this. Islamic doctrine says that the act of destroying life, including one's own, should be rewarded with carnal desire of some kind. Does this really sound like they are following God’s ways, or the devil’s?
Leaving Islam

   Another area that shows that Islam is a false doctrine is its policy towards punishing those who leave their religion. If a Muslim leaves Islam, the penalty is death but does this truly follow God's ways?

   Many people question their faith at numerous times in their lives. Usually during a crisis or if they are about to endure hardship of some kind (e.g., becoming paralyzed from a car accident). However, God doesn't kill people for such abandonment, but rather He tries to help them get back into the fold of things of being faithful once again.

   I can understand why an ordinary human cult leader would want to use fear in this manner (as a means of retaining people in the cult), but this is not God's way. If Islam truly reflected Divine Will, why would it have such a policy that is against God's ways?

   Even though this is only a brief review of the various faults associated with Islam, it adequately shows that Muhammad was not a prophet of God. He was just an ordinary person. These arguments prove that Islam is a false religion. In scientific theory, only a single contradiction is needed to disprove a theory. The above are several that prove that Islam is false and against God's ways.
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