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Player Matrix


   A problem with team sports is that a particular team may have a higher number of better-skilled athletes than the others, which could end up dominating play. While such an advantage may be great for the local team, the situation creates an unfair level of competition for the sport which should be corrected.
   Require team sports to adopt a player matrix system that evenly distributes players among the teams. Three tiers of ranking representing players from the best to worst should be used to allow teams to allocate points within each tier to build their organization.

   All players become free agents at the end of the season which allows teams the ability to freely trade according to matrix rules. Since each team will have a limited number of points that they may spend within a particular tier, the problem of having too many tier-1 players on a team would be eliminated making the sport more competitive.

   Further justification for using a player matrix system is that the federal government has laws to ensure fair competition among businesses, so sporting events should likewise be required to follow similar rules to establish fair competition as well.
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