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Michael Gura


The following opinions are meant to be taken in a positive and constructive manner for the sake of creating a better future for mankind. Even though my proposals may stand on their own merit, please consider that this website is for entertainment purposes only. That is until I rule the world :) 

Pure Democracy

An alternative means of governing the people.

Skeleton Government

Reduce government spending to a bare minimum with a low federal tax rate.

Gun Control

A simple solution for the gun control problem.

Worker's Civil Rights

Several proposals for protecting a worker's civil rights.

Illegal Immigration

A more direct means of solving illegal immigration.

True Citizenship (7 levels of purging)  [coming soon]

Whether certain people are fake citizens.

Professional Juror

Improve court proceedings with professional jurors.

Automated Banking System

Resolve banking issues by adopting a single automated system.

Normalizing the Stock Market

Prevent abusive trading practices by normalizing the stock market.

Inflationary Tax

Manage inflation in a direct and timely manner.

Social Security

What should be done for this retirement program. 

Extended Severance

Extend severance pay to all workers.

Mortgage Relief

Provide relief for troubled mortgages.

Hunger Relief

A way to eliminate world hunger.

Federal Debt

What to do about the massive national debt problem.

Free College

How to improve the quality and affordability of higher education.

Health Care
Medical Insurance

Options for reducing the rising cost of health care.

Stem Cell Research

Why stem cell research may be ethical to pursue.

Creationism vs Darwinism

A perspective on the origin of human life.

The Proper Unification of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

How to unify relativity and quantum mechanics in a classical model.

Player Matrix

Enhance competitive play with a point matrix system.

Zero Tolerance for Repeat Offenders

Does the Bible provide guidance on how to deal with criminal offenders?

Eye-For-An-Eye Justice System

Would an-eye-for-an-eye policy be more effective towards deterring crime?

End Times and the New Age

What may happen in the future and how it relates to the scriptures.

Antichrist Message

If the Antichrist existed today, what would his message be to the world?

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